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Join the renewable energy movement in Portugal via the Golden Visa program!
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investment possibilities via your Golden Visa process.
Investing in solar, wind and green hydrogen is doing your part in saving the planet.

Golden Visa
We help during the Golden Visa application process, start to completion. 
When partnering with us, you will get access to top-level legal services with a specialist Golden Visa tax advisory group.

Green Energy

From solar and wind power to synthetic fuels we’re helping power the world with green energy. 
Our plans for green hydrogen and energy production will make us one of the largest private energy producers in Portugal.
About Us
Synergy International and its partners are experts in global capital markets, investment solutions and the Golden Visa process, with over 70 years of combined experience. 
We are now combining all of this with the production of green energy.

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Portugal has set ambitious goals for the expansion of renewable energy, including a target of having 70% of its electricity generated from renewable sources by 2030. Synergy International and its partner Electricboxx aim to develop one of the largest Green Hydrogen plants in the country to help meet these goals. Additionally, the Portuguese government has implemented a number of policies and initiatives to support the growth of the renewable energy sector, including funding for research and development and incentives for businesses and individuals to invest in renewable energy projects.