The Sustainable Golden Visa 

How Investing in our Green Energy  and the Golden Visa work together plus info about the IRR, the visa process, tax benefits...

Join us to help build a carbon zero environment, while embracing your future in the amazing beauty of Portugal!

Go ahead and download the free eBook called The Sustainable Golden Visa. It explains how the Portuguese Golden Visa and green energy can go hand in hand plus find out about golden visa requirements and a lot more.

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What's Inside

- All about Portugal's golden visa process and how investing in renewable energy fits into it. 

- Get the details on the annual dividend percentage yield you can expect and the projected long term profits.  

Learn about: 

- The investment path to obtaining the Golden Visa and later the permanent residency or Portuguese citizenship.

- Tax benefits.
- Portugal’s Golden Visa application procedures in detail. 

- The benefits of investing in green hydrogen.

- Why Portugal is the most ideal choice for investing in renewable energy.


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About Us

Synergy International was created as the in-country development partner for one of the largest solar, wind and green hydrogen projects in Portugal, helping the country meet its goal of having 70% of its electricity generated from renewable sources by 2030.

Our fund offers investors substantial annual income and a share of the long-term profits.

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Our Office: Rua Duque de Palmela, n.º 27, 5.º Esquerdo, Lisboa, Portugal 


We offer a unique opportunity to invest in our sustainable energy projects via the golden visa program. However, you can invest in our renewable energy with or without needing a GV. We offer the only investment product to combine a solar, wind and green hydrogen project under the protective umbrella of a CMVM regulated investment fund in Portugal. 

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